Conservatory Styles

+Edwardian Conservatories
The Edwardian conservatory evokes the same classical mood as the Victorian conservatory but with a simple rectangular footprint to make the very most of the space available.

Many people love the Edwardian conservatory design due to its likeness with a typical room in your home. The square fronted corners of Edwardian conservatories give the optimum interior floor space allowing more room for your furniture. Whether you require a dining room, play room, garden room or just some additional ‘general’ living space, this design carries endless opportunities.

+Victorian Conservatories
The Victorian Conservatory is classic and elegant in design. Its sharp crisp angled roof is softened by its facets providing a rounded and styled look. Whether you prefer three or five facets, equal sized or wide fronted styles, its versatility and pleasing aesthetics make it suitable for all properties.

All Victorian Conservatories are made to your exact requirements, you have complete control over the look of your conservatory, from the position of the doors to the colour of the frames – inside and out.

+Lean-To Conservatories
Sometimes called the Mediterranean conservatory or Sun Room, the Lean-to conservatory is the simplest – and often most inexpensive – conservatory design, sharing one wall with the main building or sometimes two adjoining walls in an inside corner – and has a simple pitched roof without ridge.This simple and uncomplicated format provides the ideal solution for many locations. Adding a breakfront to a lean to conservatory if appropriate, will add interest, giving the feeling of greater height and space, and projecting breakfronts will help achieve extra room within the lean to conservatory.
+Double-Hipped Conservatories
The double-hipped conservatory is an ideal compromise between style and a seamless fit with the home. The double hip as it is known means that the pitched roof appears on both sides of the conservatory, rather than having a flat face connecting to the house wall. Therefore any home can be accommodated with this style as the angled roof can be used to fit onto height-restricted properties such as bungalow. The front facing pitched roof allows for any style to be accommodated from Edwardian to Victorian.

Edwardian Conservatories


Victorian Conservatories

Lean to

Lean-To Conservatories


Double-Hipped Conservatories